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Jennifer Howard (Founder & CEO of Safe Pets, Safe Families)

Jennifer Howard, Safe Pets, Safe FamiliesJennifer Howard

(Founder & CEO of Safe Pets, Safe Families)

Jennifer Howard has a keen interest in animal/human companion relationships, animal welfare, animal behaviour, the links between animal abuse and domestic violence, human welfare, psychology, social justice, intergenerational violence, and intergenerational poverty.
On 27 October 2018, ‘Safe Pets, Safe Families’ held their inaugural Gala event at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
Jennifer’s story however started many years earlier.
At 20 years of age, Jennifer was in a long-term abusive relationship. Instead of spending her 20’s focusing on discovering and forming her identity like most young people, she was caught up in a cycle of domestic violence. It was her two dogs that helped her cope with the dark times.
When leaving the relationship, Jennifer did all she could to keep them in her life sadly however, they were seperated and to this day Jennifer has no knowledge of where her dogs went, or even if they are still alive.
Sadly, these types of situations are not uncommon in abusive relationships and the impacts are lasting. Jennifer used her experience to save others from a similar fate by starting the pet fostering service, ‘Safe Pets, Safe Families South Australia’.
Jennifer’s story can be found in Chapter 4 of the book ‘My Saving Grace: Loss and Redemption’

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