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Lorelle Molde (Biography)

“Turning Scars into Stars” Lorelle Molde (June 2018)
Lorelle Molde, FADVAN, DV Snap Shots, White Ribbon, WINspire, BiographyWith a love for all things visual and visionary, Lorelle is an avid volunteer and networker    known     for    her    creative    community/business     engagement initiatives.  Her magnetic passion, a term coined by her peers, brings together a broad cross-section of government, small business, media, service organisations and not-for-profit  organisations within South Australia.
Energised by collaboration, Lorelle is continually promoting and involved in diverse events and initiatives aimed at embracing an ABCD model to raise awareness on societal issues stemming from domestic violence.  With a talent for inspiring and drawing people together from diverse sectors to achieve a common goal, Lorelle’s community  engagement  ability  is  notably  of  high  calibre  according  to  her networks.
Having worked in government for ten years in the 90s, Lorelle moved to exploring the challenges of parenthood while simultaneously managing an Adelaide-based
partnership for twelve years with her husband.  Followed by a stint supporting 18 Engineers in a large multi- national defence company, Lorelle turned her sights back to state government in 2013.
Drawing from her vast experience across several government departments, Lorelle capitalises on her diverse career portfolio  from project and business management to training, facilitation and community  engagement. Lorelle is commitment to continual learning and volunteering in a quest that has never wavered and, after 300 courses and 100 volunteering experiences, Lorelle stopped counting!    Her most recent learnings come from embracing a ‘mid-life opportunity’ through commencing a Bachelor in Communications and Professional Writing together with a Bachelor of Letters (Innovation and Enterprise).  This compliments  her current volunteering pursuits Charity TV (Treasure Box), Connecting Up, Kalou Models and the Board of the Christies Beach Business and Tourism Association.
It is Lorelle’s rich tapestry  of ‘lived experience’ and learning which prompted  her to pursue White Ribbon Advocacy in 2017 and Co-facilitator for the Family & Domestic Violence Advocacy Network (FADVAN), a state- wide network responsible for the Adelaide White Ribbon March.   As with all the initiatives she has founded, Lorelle attributes  her success to embracing and inter-twining  two distinctly  different disciplines: community development and project management.
While Lorelle has seen many initiatives  come  to  fruition,  the  two  closest  to  her heart is the  ‘Women  in Business/NFP Expo’ and the ‘DV SnapShots Conference’.  Leveraging her experience in project management, event management, public speaking, consultancy, community engagement/development, facilitation, database administration, training and administration, Lorelle’s passion for embracing supports and solutions to her ‘DV SnapShots Spectrum’ never ceases (
In 2013, after experiencing the highs and lows of business of 12 years, Lorelle created events to assist women and supporters in small business. The Women in Business/Not for Profit Expo created an interactive and free promotional  opportunity  to  showcase  the achievements of women and girls in South Australia. The expo comprised of 100 exhibitors, 500 attendees and 30 volunteers from diverse backgrounds held on a Thursday in Once Tree Hill.  The engagement and buzz at the event was high incorporating  entertainers, inspirational speakers and over 100 activities.  Even more unique however, was the collaboration of a team of 30 volunteers and an event that was free for exhibitors and attendees alike.
As the driving  force  behind  DV SnapShots, a modularised  Domestic  Violence Conference coordinated  by businesses, not for profit organisations and survivors in 2014, once again Lorelle created magic by gathering like-minded businesses and individuals. The conference was the first in South Australia, gaining media exposure nationally and attracting 60 volunteers with over $100,000 of in-kind sponsorship.
In an exciting development for 2018, Lorelle has gathered a small team of young people to create magic on the big screen, and TV screens across our nation and seas! Charity TV is an adventure-based reality program raising vital funds for Treasure Boxes Charity, a unique South Australian volunteer organisation supporting domestic violence survivors and hundreds of children living in emergency facilities, and at risk poverty and homelessness across South Australia. The program will air nationally and internationally on prime time television late 2018.
“One raindrop can make a difference on the ground it falls however, many raindrops can transform the landscape of the world.”