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Our Team

Lorelle Molde (Coordinator & Activator)

Lorelle Molde, Biography, FADVAN



With a love for all things visual and visionary, Lorelle is an avid volunteer and networker known for her creative community/business engagement initiatives. Her magnetic passion, a term coined by her peers, brings together a broad cross-section of government, small business, media, service organisations and not-for-profit  organisations within South Australia. ( Read More )

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Emma Jackson (Project Support)

Emma Jackson, Biography, FADVAN

Emma owns the Immortal Butterfly, a business of advocacy, support, and growth. A holistic approach to managing change.
The Immortal Butterfly is a person centred, positive psychology-based service, with a holistic approach to creating awareness and supporting the growth of individuals and in group settings. ( Read More )

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Rose Davidson (Secretary)

Rose Davidson, DOESBiz, Biography
Rose has volunteered in several organisations including UN Women (International Women’s Day Co-Event Coordinator), Oasis Wimmera (Immigrant Support Group – Board member and Event Coordinator), and the Rotary Club of Horsham (Vic), and in 2018 became the Secretary of ‘Healing Through Love‘; whose vision is to shift awareness on Domestic Violence within the Community and support survivors; and Secretary of FADVAN (Family and Domestic Violence Advocacy Network). ( Read More )


Rose Davidson, DOES Biz, Secretary